“Veronica has an incredible wealth of knowledge with regards to language, writing, editing, grammar, voice, tone, and communication in general. Her impressive grasp of the English language along with her extensive vocabulary makes her a skilled wordsmith with a natural eye for catching mistakes, making improvements, and optimizing content for any purpose.
Veronica is not only a brilliant communicator, but also an absolute pleasure to work and collaborate with.”

–Brian F.

“I engaged Veronica’s services to help me with editing and organizing my master’s degree thesis. As a speaker of English as a Second Language, I needed the assistance of a skilled, reliable and dependable editor to navigate and organize the vast research information gathered during course of my studies into a clearly written and formatted manuscript. Veronica assisted me with smoothing my language, reorganizing and clarifying information presented, formatting data tables and checking my grammar to ensure that my thesis was worthy of a master’s degree. Veronica’s communication skills are exceptional, she was always available to respond to and answer my questions, as well as gently negotiate changes with me. I found her advice invaluable.”

–Aggie M.

“In the course of my freelance writing and pitching, I have found Veronica to be an endlessly giving and driven individual. She has acted as a copyeditor for both my graduate school applications and online work. Veronica has a talent for preserving the author’s voice and intention while providing clarity to the writing. She often reminds me of the rules I can’t ignore and the ones that I can utilize to strengthen my voice and style. I highly recommend Veronica for any editing or copyediting work. If she has the ability to reconcile my mix of US and UK English, along with distinctive writing style, I believe she will be an asset to anyone.”

–Alison M.

“Veronica has consistently produced captivating and original content for a variety of campaigns and products—for mediums across the board including print, email and online banners that have lead to measurable lead conversions. She has also been an asset in developing the company’s corporate newsletter, blog and nationally distributed magazine. In addition to her writing/copyediting skills, her philanthropic nature shined when she lead an in-house fundraiser for victims of the water crisis in Flint, MI. Veronica is a pleasure to work with and a considerable strength to any team.”

–Caitlin H.

“Veronica is brilliant. In our courses together at Pace University, she always conducted herself with grace and professionalism. Having read many of her papers and sat in on her presentations, I can also testify to the fact that she is a talented communicator and a top-notch writer.”

–Heather A.