Greetings, readers! Since it’s the end of Q1, I thought I’d share how many books I’ve read thus far. Original goal for Q1 was 12 books (approximately one book per week). I’ve read 18 books so far. Not that quantity matters over quality, but it’s like yoga, I’m trying to create a practice here.

This month I’m reading more books that have been adapted into classic scary films! I’ve already read The Shining but that would be a cool theme for a book collection post (any interest?). It’s kind of the theme of my life.

I tried to forcibly expand my horizons beyond spooky/entrepreneurial/social justice with this book challenge but I’m just drawn to scary stuff. I’ll step out of my comfort zone, but spooky shit has been good to me for several decades at this point so why run from that? I yam who I yam, like some sort of witchy Popeye.

Also on the docket: non-fiction about the sociology of designated haunted places, essays by the awesome Sara Benincasa (whom I’ve read/followed online forevs), and In the Woods, which I’ve managed to hear good things about without ever learning what the plot is so don’t ruin it for me, please! Irish and murdery? Yes, please.

Want to read along with me? Hit the comments.

Or I’ll continue to read and blog seemingly-solo into the void. I like the void. It’s dark enough for me to hide from the increasingly terrifying world (in a fortress of books that are terrifying in a completely different way).

“Say goodnight, Voidy.”

“Good night, Voidy.”


Psycho by Robert Bloch


Real Artists Have Day Jobs (And Other Awesome Things They Don’t Teach You in School) by Sara Benincasa


Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey


In The Woods by Tana French

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