Wedding anxiety dreams have kicked off with full force! The first dream was that we made it all the way through the entire ceremony and realized at the end of the day that we forgot to buy wedding bands. Luckily we were both very chill in the dream. As we would be in reality.

So now I’m actively thinking about wedding bands, not just passively Pinning.

But just like every other aspect of this wedding, the rings are going to be as ethical and affordable as possible.

I’m in full Sunnydale Library research-mode and I’m loving the following:

Satin-Finish Set from Aide Memoire

The jury is still out on matching rings, but I really like these (in white gold, not yellow).

-Eco-Friendly (recycled gold)

-Ethically-sourced stones

-Local (Seattle, Washington)

-Charitable (Company donates to Lambda Legal, The Hunger Project, Direct Relief, and Human Rights Campaign)



Brilliant Earth Willow Diamond Ring

I love the unique shape of this ring, it actually reminds me a lot of a lost ring that used to be my grandma’s.

-Conflict-free diamonds

-Recycled materials

-Made in the USA

-5% of profits donated to charity

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.29.13 PM



Ash Hilton Wedding Band in Recycled Sterling Silver

I think either one of us could wear this. And it reminds me of the ring from the anime film Twelve Months. What, I like a little obscure anime in my symbols of lifelong devotion!


-Recycled Sterling Silver

-Family-owned company



Metalicious White Gold Infinity Wedding Band

I love the wrought-iron fence style of this one. There’s a matching men’s version below.

-Recycled materials

-Locally made (NYC)


Companion Ring



Header Image



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