I love talking about new discoveries (or rediscovered treasures).

Image of a treasure chest in low light. The lid is open and baubles and strands of beads are draped over the corner.

Here’s what I’m Loving Lately:

Financial Fluency

Picture of Jen Turrell, a smiling blond woman with bangs, looking off camera with her right hand against her chin. Blue letters on teal background read "Financial Fluency: Speaking the Language of Money."

I love podcasts. They help me get through the workday. My desk is in the middle of everything and I spend eight hours a day with headphones in. This is a relatively young podcast and I have devoured every single episode. Jen Turrell gives financial advice in a way that is approachable, entertaining, and socially-conscious. If you’re trying to get your finances together, build security, or you’re interested in learning about money, this is a great resource.

Bikini Kill

And when my energy inevitably drops in mid-afternoon, I get my blood pumping again with a coffee and some riot grrl punk. NSFW– use headphones.

Rebel Bookseller

Someday (soon) The Little Wolf Books will be online for all your vintage book-buying needs. And someday (less soon, but be on the lookout!) there will be a brick-and-mortar store. To learn more about the business of bookselling, I’m reading Andrew Laties’ Rebel Bookseller. It’s amazing. Whether you’re planning to become a bookseller, interested in the trade, or just curious about a great non-fiction read, this book is wonderful.

Laties is pretty blunt about the ups and downs of independent bookstore ownership. It’s not easy, and it’s not always fun. But hell if the very thought of it doesn’t light you up inside.

Bright green book cover with an image of a city skyline with a small red building sandwiched between skyscrapers. Red text reads: "Rebel Bookseller by Andrew Laties. Why indie businesses represent everything you want to fight for, from free speech to buying local, to building communities.


Google Calendar/Spreadsheets/Docs

I’ve got so much going on right now, between my full-time job, an online copyediting program, planning a wedding, trying to write this blog (and also a book) and trying to learn about running a business. Also doing 6-8 hours or yoga every week.

So, with all that going on, Google Calendar is amazing (I also always keep a physical planner). I started using Google Spreadsheets to track wedding info– things to remember, invitation lists, etc. I can share the documents with my fiancé so we stay on the same page. You can program the spreadsheets to perform functions, so every time we add someone to the invitation list, it automatically calculates the total.

Image of a Google spreadsheet with fields that read Art Museum Field Trip Checklist, Student, Attending, Not Attending, Permission Slip Returned, and Chaperone.

So these are the things keeping me focused, organized, on track with my goals, and — as a result– happy. The most important thing.

What have you been loving lately?

Treasure Chest Image

Spreadsheet Image

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